CetoLogic is a provider of software solutions and analytics for financial and retail industries. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., CetoLogic serves more than 1,500 clients in 50 states and Canada by providing “Smart Solutions that Make Dollars and Sense.”

CetoLogic software solution portfolio includes C3 Financial, Deposit Reclassification, pALMs and Smart Safe Insight.  The firm is the creator and designer of C3 Financial, a web-based cash forecasting and management software.  CetoLogic is also responsible for Deposit Reclassification, a Regulation D retail sweep program designed to eliminate reserve balances, pALMs, a web-based asset/liability management simulation software that provides accurate and detailed analysis asset-by-asset and liability-by-liability.  Smart Safe Insight, CetoLogic’s retail solution, is a currency and coin software for convenience stores and quick serve restaurants.

Deposit Reclassification and C3 Financial began as a part of a solution portfolio for a national consulting firm, Ceto and Associates.  As the solutions matured and their popularity increased, Douglas Ceto formed the firm, CetoLogic, to better focus on the firm’s software clients and the continued advancement and development of Deposit Reclassification and C3 Financial. Since the company’s creation in 2011, CetoLogic has continued to develop and offer new software solutions, including Smart Safe Insight and pALMs.

CetoLogic’s solutions improve earnings, efficiencies, risk management and operations.