C3 Financial is a web-based branch, ATM and vault cash management software solution.  It provides banks, thrifts and credit unions a system to manage cash for their branch and ATM network.

Cash to fund your branch and ATM locations is one of your largest non-interest earning assets.  Cash is typically managed up to the limit, instead of down to your customer or member demand.  Shipment decisions are made based on branch intuition and time consuming spreadsheets, which can differ between one location to the next.

Your currency and coin management should be quantitative, standard throughout all locations and efficient.  C3 Financial enables your institution to achieve an intuitive and effective cash management process.

Supply your branch personnel and ATM managers with a solution that:

  • Aligns cash inventory with customer or member demand
  • Identifies cost reductions for armored cars
  • Facilitates communication about cash
  • Decides cash order or deposit amounts, quickly
  • Creates internal cash controls
  • Moderates branch and ATM exposure
  • Provides accessible real-time cash data and analytics

C3 Financial is a SaaS solution (software as a solution), which is a software delivered and hosted in the ‘cloud’.  This type of software delivery and hosting requires no new hardware, IT time requirements or costly licenses for each user.  C3 Financial provides a central secure location to house data and facilitate the management of branch, ATM and vault cash.   ATM managers and branch personnel can access their C3 Financial dashboard through an internet browser, proving them a quick and easy interpretation of current cash needs and trends.

In addition, C3 Financial supplies cash order and deposit recommendations.  Branch personnel and ATM managers are provided with the cash denomination amount which is needed to service their unique customer or member demand.  By removing the inconsistent cash order processes, branch personnel quickly replenish their cash inventory.  The time savings allows your branch personnel to focus on customer/member centric or revenue producing activities.

Branch and ATM cash management – streamlined and dynamic with C3 Financial!

To request more information, please email info@cetologic.com.

Click Here to view a C3 Financial demonstration.