United Federal Credit Union Case Study

With $20 million held at the Federal Reserve Bank, UFCU wanted to reduce its reserve requirements and recover these non-liquid funds for diversified lending and higher-yield investment opportunities. CetoLogic’s Deposit Reclassification solution significantly reduced UFCU’s reserve balance by reclassifying interest and non-interest bearing transaction accounts, converting idle funds into interest-earning assets.  Read More

Biddeford Savings Bank Case Study

By reclassifying transaction accounts as non-transaction accounts with CetoLogic’s Deposit Reclassification Regulation D retail sweep solution, Biddeford Savings Bank reduced its reserve balance to zero, recovering $1.7 million of Fed-held funds for higher yield investment opportunities. Read More

Tradition Capital Bank Case Study

To fund an increase in loan demand, Tradition Capital Bank leveraged CetoLogic’s Deposit Reclassification solution to reduce its Federal Reserve balance from $7 million to zero. Read More

Black Hills Federal Credit Union Case Study

Cash ordering and tracking inconsistencies led Black Hills Federal Credit Union to pursue a centralized cash management solution that would eliminate the process of each individual branch ordering cash based off intuition or previous experience. Read more

Lake Trust Credit Union Case Study

A recent merger led the newly formed Lake Trust Credit Union to implement CetoLogic’s C3 Financial across all 21 branches, after having previously used Version 1 at some of the branches. Lake Trust Credit Union sought to centralize cash management operations and standardize the ordering process across its brand new branch network. Read more

Liberty Bank Case Study

Liberty Bank utilized CetoLogic’s Deposit Reclassification solution for 13 years prior to implementing its C3 Financial software to address cash management challenges at its 44 branches in May 2012 and 30 branch-serviced ATMs in October 2012. Read more

Marquette Savings Bank Case Study

CetoLogic’s C3 Financial cash management solution helped Marquette Savings Bank achieve its goal of better managing its cash inventory and improving efficiencies in the bank’s cash management processes. Read more

Venture Bank Case Study

Venture Bank leveraged CetoLogic’s Deposit Reclassification retail sweep program to reduce its reportable transactional deposits for FR 2900 filing, eliminating what would have been a $13 million Federal Reserve balance as well as maximizing the utilization of the bank’s core deposits. Read more

Richfield-Bloomington Credit Union (RBCU) Case Study

RBCU leveraged CetoLogic’s Deposit Reclassification retail sweep program to maintain compliance with Regulation D and provide its members with greater account flexibility by eliminating monthly transfer limits. Read more