CetoLogic provides software and analytics to financial institutions and retail organizations with three signature solutions designed to increase earnings, manage risk and improve operations.

C3 Financial is a web-based branch, ATM and vault cash management and forecasting tool for banks and credit unions. C3 Financial predicts cash demand at the denomination level and provides accurate deposit and order recommendations for each branch or ATM, eliminating cash overages. Learn more about C3 Financial.

Deposit Reclassification, a retail sweep program, reduces required reserve requirements for banks and credit unions. The process reclassifies a portion of transnational accounts as savings deposits, which are not subject to reserve requirements. By eliminating reserve balances, financial institutions convert low earning assets into earning assets with a better rate of return with commercial, mortgage and consumer loans. Learn more about Deposit Reclassification.

pALMs is a web-based asset liability management simulation software that provides accurate and detailed analysis asset-by-asset and liability-by-liability.  This level of in-house insight enables banks to accurately evaluate the impact of changes on any asset or liability to project balance sheet performance. Learn more about pALMs.

C3 Retail is a web-based currency and coin software that partners with intelligent safe (“smart safe”) technology for retail organization’s store front.  By providing real-time cash data and anlaytics, C3 Retail detects opportunities to reduce expenses, shrink and risk. Learn more about C3 Retail.